May 6, 2018

I'm a Millenial?!


Edited: May 6, 2018

Hey so yes. Millenials are famous for posting too many duck-lipped selfies, taking photos of their food, and hashtagging their lives into something that loses all meaning. But, like, like, like, are we really that bad, ?#sorrynotsorry? What has got so many baby-boomers in a complete tizzle about us? It's a point of anger for a lot of us, and others just #nothereforit their way out of it. What are your thoughts?


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  • perrievoss
    May 6, 2018

    I was apart of in an article when I was 24 for Toronto Life #TorontoLife, which I thought was a supportive article for those of us who were post-secondary graduates (degrees, diplomas), who still hadn't found a job in their field, and some of whom were still living at home. But instead, it was a complete spin on our laziness as a generation, feeling sorry for ourselves that people hadn't rolled over and made room for us. At the time, it made me feel betrayed. I felt tricked that I was used in that way for the article, which caused even more embarassment for me because now my face was on the cover of a magazine saying that we were "indignant, entitled youth". It was hyperbolic! (not to mention untrue). What do you feel about that trope, that Millenials are lazy, and entitled. Truth? Fiction? Where do you stand? #millenials #entitled #babyboomers

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